High-Resolution Scanning Backs

and Equipment for Art Reproduction

Watch this short video that explains the advantages of scan back technology and illustrates the differences in comparison to digital cameras and chip backs. Click the image to start the video.

The gigantic image files of the Rencay SuperFineArt™ Scanning Back can reproduce the finest details even in largest originals.
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Compare the basic feature differences of the six Rencay scanning backs to find the best one for your needs.



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Rencay – The New Name in High-Resolution Digital Capture

The Ultimate Capture System for Fine Art Reproduction,
Critical Copy Work and Large Print Reproductions


A combination of large high-resolution files, extraordinary detail and superb control of color and tones, has made scanning backs the device of choice for a wide variety of advertising, commercial, reproduction and archival applications since 1994. No other new scanning backs are available in the United States, so the German-made Rencay line of backs will fill the void for a very high-resolution capture device at a fraction of the cost of a multi-shot medium format back.


Rencay scanning backs are the ideal solution for critical flat art reproductions with no interpolation. Museums, libraries, government agencies and print service providers worldwide utilize scanning backs for extraordinary reproductions and critical digital archiving. The color balance and toning controls in the camera software provide exceptional control over the representation of delicate pastels or vibrant oil paintings. The ultra-high resolution, wide color gamut, and outstanding dynamic range of the Rencay backs will produce an accurate rendition of any original, right down to the texture of the media.


The top-of-the-line Rencay 24K3 Scanning Back offers an exceptional combination of image quality and file size unmatched by any other digital camera system. With its wide dynamic range, superb color fidelity, and adjustable resolution up to 24000 x 39000 pixels, the 24K3 system raises digital imaging standards to new levels of performance. Five other models are available, starting at $13,500, to fit your application and budget.


Capture first-generation digital images with perfect, uninterpolated native pixel data up to 8000 x 13000 pixels (595 MB 48-bit RGB file). Or, choose the Multi-Scan mode to produce 1-pass uninterpolated image files up to 24000 x 39000 pixels (5.23 GB) —300% more image information captured during the scan for sharper, more detailed reproductions of even your largest originals.


Easy to use with any 4x5 camera body or copy stand, the Rencay 24K3 scanning back produces the finest image quality with precise digital control of all operating parameters. Rapid prescans with on-screen exposure tools provide comprehensive information about image data values for perfect reproductions. Digital focus verification allows exact focus using live CCD input, for unparalleled sharpness and clarity in every scan.



The scanning back is not only one of the best values in a high-resolution capture device, it also offers several other advantages to the quality-conscious photographer:

  • No interpolation – Pure RGB data gathered for every pixel site versus the interpolated data from a Bayer pattern fixed sensor.
  • Huge pixel population created over a 72mm x 118 mm imaging area for file sizes larger than any other digital camera can produce without stitching.
  • Large pixels (9 microns) that are 50% larger than medium format backs to optimize lens performance, minimize noise, resolve finer detail, and increase dynamic range.
  • Use your existing 4x5 camera system and lenses, maintaining full swings & tilt corrections when needed for focus and perspective control. The back can also be mounted or adapted to copy stands and other large format camera bodies.


RENCAY USA – A Turnkey Photographic Resource

Rencay USA was formed to provide unique digitization solutions and superior customer service to fulfill the diverse needs of photographers, fine art printers, and cultural heritage organizations.


Rencay USA was established by a group of experienced scanning back users and resellers to introduce the Rencay products designed by Martin Langfeld, Dipl. Ing. and manufactured in Germany. Each of us have been involved with scanning backs for over seventeen years and are dedicated to providing the most efficient and cost-effective equipment options and exceptional personalized service to all of our customers.


Our sales and marketing team includes Managing Partner, Larry Guyer, a commercial photographer using a scanning back since 1998 and former marketing director for Better Light, Inc. Joe Tarsia from Tarsia Technical Industries in Long Island. TTI has provided copy stands and other specialized equipment to the cultural heritage community for over 25 years.  Irwin Miller of Harwin Camera, one of the original digital specialists for Calumet Photographic. Irwin was one of the founders of Harwin Camera, a fast-growing full-service photographic equipment supplier in New York, Boston, and St. Louis and San Francisco.


Combined, we provide many years of experience with high-resolution digital imaging for all types of flat art, documents, transparent materials, books and dimensional objects. We have the ability to provide any and all of your photographic equipment needs as well as unique and customized solutions for specialized digitization projects.


From a carefully selected package of professional photographic components to a custom designed solution for your specific imaging needs, our Rencay team can provide a plan to maximize efficiency and respect your budget.


Contact us for a no-obligation, free consultation and quote. A responsible search for your ideal digital capture system should include all available options…and you will find that Rencay USA is a resource you can count on to help you select the very best products, at the right price, with outstanding personalized support.