High-Resolution Scanning Backs

and Equipment for Art Reproduction


More and more of the world’s highest quality fine art reproduction and museum archiving are being accomplished with scanning backs.


For art reproduction….THERE IS NO BETTER CHOICE. The Rencay scanning backs provide large, high-resolution files with extraordinary detail, a wide dynamic range and superb control of color and tones.


The 24K3 scan back delivers unmatched resolution and image quality with 2808 megapixels effective pixels without interpolation. This not only exceeds the resolution of any other digital capture device, but also enables the reproduction of the finest details in artwork of any size.



Our Rencay scanning backs use a tri-linear CCD with three individually filtered rows of pixels that gather the information for the image in one continuous scan. The scan will take several minutes because the sensor moves across the “film plane” capturing light one row of pixels at a time, but no other camera is gathering such a huge population of pixels over a format area of 80 x 120mm! And, all of the pixels are PURE, true RGB color, not interpolated by the camera software.


Six models are available to suit your needs and budget. Each model provides all of the quality and features of the next lower model plus additional functionality. Upgrades to a higher model version are possible as your scanning operation changes.




24K3 – 936 mp......24,000 x 39,000 pixels

16K3 – 416 mp......16,000 x 26,000 pixels

12K3 – 234 mp......12,000 x 19,500 pixels

8K3 – 104 mp......8,000 x 13,000 pixels

Foto8 – 104 mp.........8,000 x 13,000 pixels

Foto4 – 26 mp...........4,000 x 6,500 pixels


Mounts on any 4x5 camera body with a Graflok back or use the Rencay Auto-Focus or Manual Focus Repro Camera or TTI Digiflex Camera body.


A Complete Professional System:

The scanning back is just one component of the digitizing system which also comprises other important parts, such as a camera, lighting system, stands, computer monitors, and ink jet printers. The modular characteristics allow the creation of comprehensive solutions for client-specific requirements. Our consulting and training services help our clients tap the full potential of the system and achieve the very best results.


Our Rencay USA team has been actively selling scanning backs and specialized digital photographic equipment for over 17 years. No one can provide more experience, advice and superior support to help you build a cost-effective equipment package for your studio or institution.


Rencay USA Partners:

Tarsia Technical Industries, Inc., established in1986 is a Long Island, New York-based company, which specializes in product design and manufacturing of imaging products.


TTI products are found in many world-class organizations, both in the US and abroad, including major museums, libraries, galleries, universities, government agencies as well as in private industry.  Products include: Large and medium format cameras, copy stands, lighting systems, vacuum easels, optical systems and other products related to photographic, graphic arts and digital imaging applications – for research, production and reproduction.


• Copy Stands   • LED Lighting   • Vacuum Easels

* Lightboxes   • Book Easels   • Digiflex Camera

• Custom Workstations

A perfect compliment to our team is Harwin Camera who helps us provide any peripheral equipment necessary to provide a turnkey system. Harwin also extends our representation with sales offices in New York City, Boston, St. Louis and San Francisco.


Harwin Camera is a value-driven photographic retailer offering the best personal experience through professional service, knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing and innovative technologies. We can provide medium-format and DSLR cameras and lenses, stands, tripods, electronic flash and continuous lighting equipment, cases, backpacks, computer monitors, and ink jet printers and supplies.


The staff of knowledgeable and experienced professionals provides differentiated and cost-effective integrated solutions. Harwin Camera is committed to inspire, educate and problem-solve for our customers in independent photography studios, commercial photo departments, educational facilities, and other organizations.


• Medium Format & DSLR Cameras & Lenses

• Tripods & Light Stands  • Electronic Flash Systems

• Continuous & LED Lighting  • Computer Monitors

• Cases & Backpacks  • Ink Jet Printers & Supplies

• Plus Any and All Photo Accessories